How to Eliminate Your Fears to Help You Sell More Products, Attract Quality Team Members, & Boost Your Mary Kay Business with Ease!


"I went from $2k production to bringing in over 80 team members 3 months later and over $28, a SINGLE MONTH!"  

~ Coty Trevino, Cadillac Director, La Joya, TX, USA

On This Masterclass You Will Discover:

  • *How to Become a More Confident Leader by Dissecting Your Fears and Deconstructing Your Patterns!  
  •  How to Erase and Reverse ALL of your Self-Limiting Beliefs about Money and Success!  
  • *How to Eliminate Perfectionism, Procrastination and the Fears that are Holding You Back from Upleveling Your Business!  


This 90 Minute Webinar Could Change your Business...For GOOD 

Sean Smith "The Pink Caddie Coach" Certified Master Life & Business Coach 

"It's no secret that most women are not getting what they desire, deserve and are capable of in Mary Kay. In all my years as a coach, I've noticed that it comes down to limiting beliefs and FEARS which stunts your growth. Once you realize how to work past these fears, they can become UNSTOPPABLE"

Sean has been a life & business coach for 11+ years and has personally trained TENS OF THOUSANDS of Consultants, Directors & Nationals to overcome blocks and create the business & lifestyle of their dreams.

See What Others Have to Say About Sean's Work:

Antonella Miccarelli Director, Hope Junction, NY

"When Sean helped me erase my perfectionism, MY INCOME TRIPLED IMMEDIATELY!"

Karen Banks Director, Houston, TX

"I have completely changed the way I train my unit and now have consultants who are stepping out of their comfort zone, have more confidence in themselves, and are EXCITED! This has brought the Joy back into my business."  

Jack Canfield Co-Creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles

"Sean Smith’s passion and enthusiasm are truly contagious. He is a polished trainer, a dynamic coach and a master at empowering people to overachieve in all areas of their lives."

Katie Prewitt Cadillac Director, Houston, TX

"Sean is an authentic coach who TELLS IT LIKE IT IS and I love that! I have learned to accept my authentic self and am no longer attached to what my team does or doesn't do. He helped me get comfortable being out of my comfort zone and living life to the fullest. Coaching has completely changed not only my business, but my life." 

Joan Daniels Director, Murphy, TX

"My production has gone from averaging $5k to 12K!"

Kim Decovich Director, White Lake, MI

"The intimidation & fear that used to shut me down is GONE. Booking calls have become easy to make, I simply ASK for what I want now and there's finally a sense of calm about my business!"