Inside You'll Learn:

How I made $302,333.20 in my first 18 months of coaching and SCALED My Way to Success  

My biggest learnings and takeaways from the ups and downs of building a 6-figure practice along with the biggest mistakes most beginning coaches make (and what I wish I would have known!)

The 5 Key Mindsets Shifts you must make to be a 6-figure coach BEFORE you spend any time or money building a website for your business or product (the avenue that most people take... And fail.)

The #1 essential for a high paid coaches & how to develop it TODAY (HINT: It's not a product, a coaching package, or any sort of marketing knowledge.)

What paths WORK when it comes to building a coaching business online and what paths DON'T (There's a lot of fluff in the industry and I've tried and failed A LOT before I hit success.)

Sean Smith CEO of MVP Success Systems, Inc. Founder of Elite Coaching University 

Sean is an International Speaker & Trainer, Life & Business Coach, and Certified Master Results Practitioner and has recently won the award, "North America's Next Greatest Speaker." His mission is to empower coaches with the skills, mindset and marketing systems to live their purpose full time and be a transformational forces in the world. He has helped THOUSANDS of individuals, business executives, high-level athletes and life coaches to build their businesses and gain the confidence they need to succeed in life & business.